In an age when it is so easy to reach customers directly through the Internet--especially via social media--many brands treat field marketing as if it is obsolete. But this is risky business. Any marketer familiar with the field (no matter what their business) will know that accurate measurements of ROI (return on investment) can be very fickle. Measuring just how much your customers are engaging with your brand is surprisingly difficult. Just have a million followers on Instagram doesn't mean you are turning a profit. This is especially true with for companies that sell tangible goods. If a customer cannot see and sample your product in person, they likely won't rush out to buy it, even if they are a loyal social media follower. This is where field marketing comes into play.

Field Marketing Will Help You Better Understand and Engage With Your Social Media Base

Field marketing essentially requires getting your feet wet and engaging directly with the consumers. This is much more personal and involved than just doing a giveaway on Instagram. For example, imagine you are selling soap. Your social media marketing is on point and on brand. However, sales aren't what the social media numbers suggest they should be. This is where you would want to engage in some field marketing: meeting your clients face to face and showing off your soap. Go to trade shows. Set up booths at sporting events and give away free samples. Send out samples as part of a local newspaper. Sponsor a rodeo... or a sports team. Throw a concert. The point is, there are endless distribution routes for direct field marketing.

Choosing the right people and places to engage with your field marketing is something that is made much easier thanks to social media. You can track where your biggest following is and gather demographic data for potential customers. Social media enables you to pinpoint your target customers with amazing accuracy. For instance, thanks to you can determine whether your field marketing efforts would be more worthwhile at a rock concrete versus a rap concert. These are thi

Incorporate Your Direct Marketing Into Your Social Media for an Organic Two-Way Conversation with Your Customers

The ultimate goal, when it comes to boosting your ROI with field marketing is then engaging customers via social media. The basic premise being: "You tried our product.. now tell us what you think via Facebook or Instagram". Simple as that, you just opened a direct two-way line of communication with your customers.

The great thing about field marketing is that it allows you to get the most out of your social media, and vice versa. Talk with a company like E3 Local for more information.