Whether you use billboards, media commercials, a website, or any combination of ways to generate leads for your law firm, it isn't going to help if your conversion statistics are low. People looking for legal advice or help see dozens of law firm names a week. They may do an internet search to find a few different firms near them to call and ask questions or for a free consultation. If this initial interaction is not dealt with properly, the prospective client will go elsewhere for help. This is what lead conversion for law firms is all about. The ability to make turn the initial interaction into a paying client. Here are a few tips to help make this happen:

Dedicated Lead Intake Specialist

While a receptionist for current clients is fine, you need someone more adept at pitching and sales when dealing with fresh leads. This person needs to be a bit knowledgeable about the firm and the types of legal issues you handle, and also be a bit familiar with the law. This could be an intern lawyer with previous sales experience. If you must choose between a law background and a sales background, go with the person who has sales experience. You can teach him or her about the firm and how to avoid actually giving legal advice. However, teaching someone how to make a sale is not always easy.

Immediate Response

Once you have a potential client, whether someone calls the office or visits your website, you need to interact with them within minutes. Do not let people sit on hold, leave a message or fill out a request for information that gets no response until the end of the day or even hours later. If you do not connect with them immediately they will call another firm.


Once you have had some type of interaction or gotten contact information, be sure to follow up with them. If you got contact information from your website, call the person as soon as possible (hopefully within minutes) to discuss the situation. If you do not get a commitment from them to at least come in for a free consultation, call them back the next day. Unless you are told they are no longer in need of your services, continue to contact them daily for a week or so.

Potential clients contact you for a reason. They may not be quite ready to follow through with the legal situation, but maybe they should be. It is up to your lead intake specialist to make multiple attempts to gain their business. Your firm's insistence that the matter is resolved will show the client that you are dedicated and will get the job done. Sometimes being a bit pushy is what is needed.