Running a business in today's world often involves having a web presence. Whether it's a business that's solely based on the web, or one that has a brick and mortar counterpart, a great website is a must. Spending the time and money to create a great website that is easy for customers to use is a crucial part of running a successful operation. While many businesses are only concerned with how their websites look and work on PCs and laptops, mobile phones and tablets are just as important. Here are three reasons why a mobile friendly website design is a must.

Customer Reach

The use of smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, over three quarters (77%) of Americans own a smartphone. And these smartphones are used to do anything from listen to music, watch movies, and browse the web. Chances are, customers will be using their smartphones to look at a business's website. Which is why mobile friendly website design is so important. Responsive website design basically allows the website to react to its environment. A website that has responsive design will alter itself to fit any screen size. This means that customers will get a great viewing experience of a business's website no matter what type of device they are viewing it on.

SEO Strategy

While many businesses have a mobile website and a separate desktop website, responsive website design eliminates the need for this. There are plenty of advantages to having just one responsive website. Not only does it make the design process and everyday website management easier, it also makes search engine optimization, or SEO, easier. SEO strategies help to ensure that the website will show up in search engine results organically. Having just one responsive website makes SEO easier.

It Can Increase Revenue

One of the drawbacks to a mobile friendly website is that it can cost more. A mobile responsive website can cost as much as 30 to 50 percent more than what a non-responsive website would cost. However, having a mobile friendly website design can increase revenue. Around 62 percent of smartphone users have made a purchase using their phones in the last 6 months. Not having a mobile friendly website can mean missing out on potential customers. 

Website design is key for any business that operates in any capacity online. While desktops and laptops are still popular for website, tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming one of the main ways customers interact with websites. For this reason, responsive website design is a must. Responsive websites are able to be viewed from any type of device. Businesses should consider responsive websites since they can expand their customer reach, help with SEO strategy, and can even increase revenue. 

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