When you own a website, each passing year can bring changes that may negatively or positively impact your current design. Now is the time to consider what changes you should implement so your website can stay relevant.

Pay More Attention To Mobile

The increasing importance of having a website that is mobile-friendly is nothing new, but with looming changes by major search engines, now is the time to have all your mobile ducks in a row. Google is slowly rolling out changes to the way their algorithms crawl websites, with more emphasis on the mobile version as opposed to the desktop version of websites. If you have implemented tactics to make your website more mobile-friendly in years past, you should not notice any changes to your search engine ranking. A problem could occur if your website is not mobile-friendly or you maintain two separate versions of your website. The easiest way to ensure your website does not lose its ranking power is to use a responsive design. When using a website with a responsive design, the same version appears on mobile and desktop searches. You may need to streamline content, graphics, and menus, so your current design works well in both formats.

Integrate Real-Time Interactions

When there are components of your website that occur in real-time, it can increase engagement with your website. Some examples of real-time interactions are online stores where you may see someone visited the website or made a purchase at the moment it happened. Other ways you can accomplish this is to integrate elements of your social media accounts onto your website. When visitors access your website, they may see new comments from Facebook followers or your Twitter feed. The real-time interaction is part of the reason social media platforms are engaging, which can also detract from people visiting traditional websites. As a bonus, when you can keep visitors on your website longer, it will increase your engagement factor and potentially convert visitors into customers.

Clean Up

A sleek website design is often associated with a modern look, and this trend is only increasing. Not only is a sleeker website generally faster, but less clutter makes the website more user-friendly, and content is easier to read. Although minimizing graphics and large chunks of text can make your website feel boring, there are ways you can add elements that stand out while keeping a modern appearance. Using pops of bold color, whether as part of the overall design elements on your website or in graphics is an ideal way to integrate contrast. For example, you might use a bold color for the headings in your typography or the main menu to create visual interest.

At least yearly, you should consider making changes to your website that work with the trends and changes to search engines. Contact local ecommerce website design services for more information and assistance.