If you have no idea what local SEO is or if you know what it is but are not quite sure how it can help to scale your business its time to learn about it. Local SEO is what you should focus on for immediate growth. However, when you are new to SEO it may seem as if you need to think wide in order to succeed. The opposite is often true. Here are some real benefits you can achieve by focusing on local SEO.

Optimize Your Keywords

The phone book was once the best place to look if you wanted to find a local phone number for a restaurant, dry cleaner, or just about any local service. However, these days almost everyone has a cell phone or mobile device, and this is what is most often used to search for local products and services. When your website is optimized for local SEO, your potential customers will have an easier time finding you. When you create your website pages, make sure you include your business name and the location in your copy.

Make Your Website an Information Hub

One of the best ways to get your website to become the go to place when it comes to local SEO is to make it a hub of information about the area. It doesn't matter what type of local product or service you offer. Create pages that give detailed information about the area. When people search for this information, your page will just automatically show up and this gives you brand awareness. Aside from writing general information about the area, you should also write articles about the products of services you offer and include your keywords and the location.

Make Videos

When you think about local SEO, you may only be thinking about your website. However, this is a big mistake. You should be using local SEO in videos as well. Post these videos on video sharing platforms. Make videos showcasing your products or services and use keyword phrases in tags, titles and descriptions for your videos. For example, if you are a seafood restaurant, include the term seafood restaurant and your location in the title, description, and titles of your videos. When people search for local products and services, there is a good chance your videos will pop up.

Local SEO is the best way to connect with people who are living in the area where your business is located or for those who are visiting the area. When you optimize your website and even your videos the correct way, you will drive new customers to your business.